Kevin Church, born and raised in North Carolina, continues to explore new ground while keeping to his roots on his musical journey. His all-American 
sound mixes eclectic guitar vibes and refined lyrics into something of country and folk. Each song produced by the Charleston native is a work unto itself, with each track unique and not reminiscent of the other. It will have you wondering what is in store next. In March of 2009, Church released “Let It Begin,” an all acoustic montage. Not soon after, the notoriety of “Let It Begin” earned Kevin an invitation to Muddy Waters Songwriting Acoustic Challenge in Charleston, SC which eventually led him to earn first place. This was a testament to his continuing growth as a songwriter and performer, legitimizing him as a writing heavy hitter in the Charleston area. His sophomore record, “A Little Change,” was released a year later and showed greater maturity of his craft, highlighting his musical prowess and ability to not only play acoustic and electric guitar, but organ and harmonica as well. Track by track, each song is a labor unto itself, with none of the melodies indicative of the others. After a whirlwind of playing over 200 shows a year in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas, Church is priming to release his latest single titled, “Holy City” in early 2018. Throughout his adolescence and adulthood, writing and performing served as the driving forces that define his story and set the perspective for his musical life. It has been said that art imitates life and you can find exactly that in Church’s music.